I have just returned home after being away down south in Palmerston North for the semester at University. I had three horses with me down south, basing myself at Tielcey Park where I will be for all of next year as well. The first mare to foal this season was Vive le Rève, who just couldn't wait for me to get home and foaled a huge, strong chestnut colt by Cartell GNZ called Chippendale M, just days before I made it home! What a strapping big lad he is with dead straight limbs, a wonderful type and fantastic temperament. My favourite girl Gradina foaled a stunning colt by Pennsylvania two weeks later, Portland M. I was expecting a plain brown foal and out popped a very blingy bright bay foal complete with hind stockings, a big blaze and a belly splash! A very eye-catching fellow with an unreal canter. I couldn't be happier with both foals this year, all the more special that I did the AI work myself. All go now planning out this year's breedings and getting the horses ready for shows after exams. I also have the two stallions, Calagro and Vadi Rum, to break in over Christmas and plenty of horses for sale on behalf as well as lessons. It's becoming very satisfying walking around the paddocks seeing the lovely horses that are beginning to fill them and imagining what it will be like a few years down the track. Nice when your dreams start to become reality.